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20kg/Bag No Browning Trehalose Food Grade Powder

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20kg/Bag No Browning Trehalose Food Grade Powder

20kg/Bag No Browning Trehalose Food Grade Powder
20kg/Bag No Browning Trehalose Food Grade Powder 20kg/Bag No Browning Trehalose Food Grade Powder

Large Image :  20kg/Bag No Browning Trehalose Food Grade Powder

Product Details:
Place of Origin: DEZHOU CHINA
Brand Name: huiyang
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1MT
Packaging Details: 20kg/bag、25kg/bag
Delivery Time: 7-10days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 18000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year

20kg/Bag No Browning Trehalose Food Grade Powder

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20kg/bag Trehalose Food Grade


No Browning Trehalose Food Grade


Trehalose Food Grade Powder

Seaweed functional characteristics 1: sweetness, sweet quality
The sweetness of trehalose is 45% of that of sucrose, and its mild and refreshing sweetness and proper sweetness are incomparable to sucrose. After the mixture of trehalose and food materials, its light and low sweetness can highlight the original flavor of food materials.

Trehalose functional property 2: no Browning
Trehalose is non-reducing sugar. When it coexists with amino acids and proteins, it will not produce Browning (Maillard Reaction) even if heated. It is very suitable for food and drink that need to be heated or preserved at high temperature.
Trehalose function 3: Prevent starch aging
Because trehalose has an excellent effect of preventing starch aging, it can be used in rice and flour foods rich in starch, and the effect is more prominent in low humidity or freezing conditions.
Trehalose function property 5: heat resistance and acid resistance
Trehalose is the most stable sugar in natural disaccharides, which will not stain or decompose even after heated for 30 minutes under the condition of 100℃ and pH3.0.
Trehalose function 6: Prevent protein denaturation
Trehalose is a good inhibitor of protein denaturation when frozen, heated, or dried. Adding trehalose to various foods containing protein can effectively protect the natural structure of protein molecules and keep the flavor and texture of food unchanged.

Trehalose function 7: Inhibit the formation of foul smell
Trimethylamine is the main ingredient in the unpleasant rotten smell of fish food, but it is not found in fresh fish. It is produced by the spoilage of microorganisms during storage. The less fresh the fish, the more trimethylamine is produced. If trehalose is added before heating processing, it can significantly inhibit the production of trimethylamine, reduce the production of unpleasant fishy taste, and maintain the fresh taste of fish. In addition, the smelly flavor of poultry meat such as chicken and the main component of stale rice, volatile aldehydes, can also be inhibited by trehalose. Therefore, adding trehalose in the heating processing of meat and storage of rice can remove the smelly flavor and stale rice odor, and maintain the freshness of meat and rice.
Trehalose function property 8: solubility and crystallinity
The solubility of trehalose is lower than that of sucrose at low temperature, and higher than that of sucrose at high temperature. Trehalose has excellent crystallinity and does not weaken under acidic conditions. It can also crystallize under the condition of large amount of other sugars.
Trehalose functional characteristics 9: Low hygroscopicity
Some food itself is not hygroscopic, but a sugar substance such as sucrose, hygroscopicity will be greatly increased, affecting the flavor of food itself and storage period. Trehalose is not hygroscopic even when the relative humidity is 95%.
Functional properties of trehalose 10: High vitrification phase transition temperature
Trehalose has a glass transition temperature of up to 120℃. This property, combined with its process stability and low hygroscopicity, makes trehalose a high protein protector and an ideal flavor retention agent for spray drying.
Functional properties of trehalose 11: flavor correction effect
Trehalose has a synergistic enhancement effect on the sweetness and aroma of food and can improve the sweet quality of other synthetic sweeteners such as Aspartame. It can also alleviate and partly cover up other bad tastes, reduce the astringency and bitterness, and alleviate some sour tastes.
Trehalose function property 12: Inhibit fatty acid decomposition
Foods rich in edible oils will produce a pungent odor when they are heated and exposed to light in storage. The more unsaturated fatty acids in fats, the more likely they are to produce such odor, resulting in deterioration of food flavor, loss of nutrition, and even deterioration of food value. Trehalose has a good inhibitory effect on the decomposition of unsaturated fatty acids in fat.
Trehalose functional property 13: Superoxide dismutase (SOD) in stabilized materials
Trehalose can stabilize the activity of SOD in food, and stabilize the activity of SOD like antioxidants, such as vitamin C and b-carotene, taken from vegetables and fruits in daily life, helping to prevent the massive increase of superoxide ions in the body.
Trehalose function property 14: Nutrient of supplementary energy
Trehalose and sucrose, maltose, is easy to be absorbed by small intestine into energy of nonnutritive substances (trehalose heat for 4 kcal/g), but trehalose has a more stable blood sugar levels, this unique character, trehalose is very suitable for use in a formula of beverage, in order to provide energy, reduce fatigue and pressure.

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