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25kg/Bag Trehalose Powder Prevent Grease Decomposition

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25kg/Bag Trehalose Powder Prevent Grease Decomposition

25kg/Bag Trehalose Powder Prevent Grease Decomposition
25kg/Bag Trehalose Powder Prevent Grease Decomposition 25kg/Bag Trehalose Powder Prevent Grease Decomposition

Large Image :  25kg/Bag Trehalose Powder Prevent Grease Decomposition

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Place of Origin: DEZHOU CHINA
Brand Name: huiyang
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1MT
Packaging Details: 20kg/bag、25kg/bag
Delivery Time: 7-10days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 18000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year

25kg/Bag Trehalose Powder Prevent Grease Decomposition

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trehalose powder prevent grease decomposition


25kg/bag trehalose powder


25kg/bag powder trehalose

Trehalose is very stable in nature, not easy to be destroyed, and can survive in harsh environments. At the end of last century, researchers found it had a great role in beauty and skin care, so they applied it in this field. Trehalose is a stable nonreductive disaccharide consisting of two glucoside pyranoid molecules bound to a 1, 1-glycoside bond. Trehalose is widely found in lower plants, algae, bacteria, fungi, insects and invertebrates. It is not only a kind of storage carbohydrate, but also an important product of stress metabolism.
Trehalose 100 is a natural sugar, found not only as free sugars, but also as a component of various sugar lipids. Recent studies have shown that exogenous trehalose also has a good non-specific protective effect on organisms and biomacromolecules. In recent years more and more tests have shown trehalose in cosmetics, skin care applications in a variety of effects.
Since the 1990s, the biological characteristics of trehalose have been gradually recognized and utilized by people. With the progress of biotechnology and cosmetics technology, the application of trehalose in skin anti-aging, anti-fatigue, energy supplementation, wound repair, sun protection and post-sun repair will produce breakthrough progress. There is no doubt that trehalose for human beauty, skin care, hair care will show more and more magical effects. So, trehalose in cosmetics, skin care effect what? It will be clear to you after reading this article.
1. Exogenous trehalose is a supplement to endogenous trehalose: exogenous trehalose and endogenous trehalose also have good non-specific protective functions for living organisms and biological macromolecules. Trehalose has a small molecular weight and is easy to be absorbed by the skin. It can enter the cells and play its unique function of replacing stress factor with water and protecting cell membrane, so as to improve the anti-drying and anti-freezing ability of the cells and thus improve the skin's ability to adapt to the environment.
2, reduce the freezing point: reduce the freezing point of water phase, which can greatly improve the low-temperature stability of the product.
3. Prevent the decomposition of oil: For products containing fatty acids and esters, adding trehalose can effectively inhibit the oxidative rancidity of products. Trehalose can effectively inhibit the oxidative rancidity of fatty acid and ester products. The Japanese Institute of Forestry and Natural Resources found that trehalose inhibits the characteristic body odor of the elderly. The results showed that the content of fatty acids and palmitic acid in the sebum of middle-aged and old people increased, and the body odor was easily generated after decomposition, while the natural sugars of trehalose could effectively inhibit the decomposition of fatty acids, thus preventing body odor. The company plans to use the natural sugar to develop cosmetics and care products to prevent body odour, according to the report.
4. Preventing protein denaturation and maintaining the efficacy of various proteins and peptides active ingredients: it has a good maintaining effect on the activity of some biochemical substances that cannot be kept active at room temperature and for a long time.
5, moisture: excellent water retention, hygroscopicity, in severe dehydration, can replace the role of water in the cell. The combined application of hyaluronic acid and trehalose is complementary and synergistic, with the functions of biological preservation and intelligent moisturizing, which can always keep the tissues, skin and cosmetics fresh.
6, anti-radiation effect: it can effectively eliminate free radicals, so that the cell DNA is not easy to mutate. Trehalose is a protective factor and repair factor of DNA in skin cells, which can effectively protect DNA from damage caused by radiation.
7. Stabilization of polyphenols against oxide
Maintaining the stability of active ingredients is an indispensable element in cosmetics. There are many skin care products on the market that contain green tea extract. Green tea is also of concern because of its high polyphenol content. Green tea is a very active antioxidant and is very unstable in its formulation. Trehalose has a stabilizing effect on oxidative polyphenols, thus reducing the possibility of product problems.
In general, trehalose can reduce freezing point, extend shelf life, and prevent grease decomposition. In addition, it can also hydrate and moisturize, and stabilize the antioxidant "polyphenols". Trehalose has a good compatibility, compatibility, stability, can be added to any cosmetics. Trehalose in skin care, makeup, hair care has a huge role. Understand trehalose in cosmetics, skin care products in 7 major role, in order to better use trehalose, give play to its greatest beauty value.

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