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Food Grade Trehalose Dehydrate Powder For Seafood Product

China Dezhou Huiyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd certification
China Dezhou Huiyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd certification
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Food Grade Trehalose Dehydrate Powder For Seafood Product

Food Grade Trehalose Dehydrate Powder For Seafood Product
Food Grade Trehalose Dehydrate Powder For Seafood Product Food Grade Trehalose Dehydrate Powder For Seafood Product Food Grade Trehalose Dehydrate Powder For Seafood Product Food Grade Trehalose Dehydrate Powder For Seafood Product

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: Made in China
Brand Name: HUIYANG
Certification: HALAL,KOSHER,MUI,OU,ISO22000,ISO 14001
Model Number: HY-WJ-048
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 kgs
Price: USD 1.2/kg---USD1.8/kg
Packaging Details: 20kg/bag,25kg/bag
Delivery Time: 5-10 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 15000tons per year

Food Grade Trehalose Dehydrate Powder For Seafood Product

CAS No.: 6138-23-4 Formula: C12h22o112h20
Effect: Retains Water Resource: Natural Corn Starch
Origin: China Product Name: Huiyang Factory Supply Food Grade Trehalose Dehydrate Powder
Other Product Name: Health Sugar Brand: Huiyang
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food grade trehalose dehydrate


trehalose dehydrate powder


trehalose dehydrate for seafood product

Trehalose has magical protective effect to living organism. It can prevent protein molecules from being inactivated effectively under the severe environments such as high temperature, high cold, hypertonicity and drought and dehydration etc., and then maintain vital process and biological characteristics, therefore, trehalose is also called "the sugar of life".



Applications of trehalose in the food industry: trehalose, like other sugars, can be widely used in the food industry, including beverages, chocolates and confectionery, baked goods and frozen foods.
Baking products
In baked products, trehalose has value multiple potential: sweet and aromatic cake, it can adjust the icing on the cake, biscuits and bread and butter and fruit filling, does not damage the storage life, make people enjoy the original flavor.
At the same time, trehalose helps to reduce fat cookies, bread and butter and icing sugar, has the unique feeling in the delicious cake frosting and fast food. It makes it easier for consumers to accept high calorie products that are high in fat and sugar because of good sweetness. Trehalose can reduce moisture flow in a multicomponent baking product to maintain a better sweetness during the storage of the product.
Trehalose, mixed with most other sweeteners, can be used in confectionery, juices, beverages and herbal products to regulate the sweetness of the product so that the original flavor of the product can be truly preserved.
Trehalose is used as an outer layer of candy to form a stable, non hygroscopic protective layer. Due to the stability of the property, trehalose can be carried out under long-term high temperature without worrying about hydrolysis and discoloration, which does not adversely affect the quality of the products.
Roll seaweed coating excellent performance. The unique solubility properties of trehalose can really roll themselves into a protective layer, which is very stable and solid, thus improving the relative white surface of most other sweeteners.

Trehalose has about 45% the sweetness of sucrose at concentrations above 22%, but when the concentration is reduced, its sweetness decreases more quickly than that of sucrose, so that a 2.3% solution tastes 6.5 times less sweet as the equivalent sugar solution. It can reduce the sweetness, optimize the sweet and improve the flavor.


Suggested use: Trehalose can be used as a direct substitute for table sugar. Use in drinks, sprinkled onto food or simply eaten off the spoon.

food grade
cosmetic grade
Molecular formula
C12H22O11 • 2H20
Trehalose content(In dry basis) /%
Dry weight loss /%
Ignition residue /%
Optical rotation
(MPN/100g) Fecal coliform
(cfu/g) Total number of bacteria
Trehalose is a sugar consisting of two molecules of glucose. It is also known as mycose or tremalose.
Trehalose has high water retention capabilities, and is used in food, cosmetics.

Functional characteristics

1.It can prevent starch aging

Mycose has excellent action of preventing starch aging and it's more outstanding in low humidity or refrigeration conditions.


2.It can prevent protein denaturation

trehalose can effectively protect the natural structure of protein molecules in refrigeration, high temperature or drought conditions.


3.It can restrain the generation of fishy smell and odor

trehalose can wipe off the fishy smell and aging rice odor effectively, keeping the freshness of fish and rice and maintaining their texture.


4.Fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping effect

Trehalose can effectively protect the structure of cytomembrane and protein and accordingly maintain the structure, texture, color and luster and flavor of flora and fauna, which is favorable for the rehydration of fruit and vegetables.


5.Taste-modifying effect

trehalose can alleviate and partially cover the bad flavor, reduce the astringent and bitter taste and abirritate part of the sour.


6.It can restrain the fatty acid oxidation

trehalose can effectively restrain the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acid.

Stabilize the activity of the superoxide, dismutase in the materials.


7.Tooth decay prevention

trehalose won't decompose, produce acid or insoluble glucan which can cause tooth decay.




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