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Cas 6138-23-4 Corn Starch Trehalose Food Grade 20kg/Bag

China Dezhou Huiyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd certification
China Dezhou Huiyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd certification
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Cas 6138-23-4 Corn Starch Trehalose Food Grade 20kg/Bag

Cas 6138-23-4 Corn Starch Trehalose Food Grade 20kg/Bag
Cas 6138-23-4 Corn Starch Trehalose Food Grade 20kg/Bag Cas 6138-23-4 Corn Starch Trehalose Food Grade 20kg/Bag Cas 6138-23-4 Corn Starch Trehalose Food Grade 20kg/Bag

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: HUIYANG
Certification: ISO22000,ISO14001,ISO9001,HAHAL,KOSHER,MUI
Model Number: HY-WJ-001
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000KGS
Price: USD 1.3/KG-USD1.8/KG
Packaging Details: 20KG/BAG OR 25KG/BAG
Delivery Time: 5-10 DAYS
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, L/C
Supply Ability: 1500 MTS PER MONTH

Cas 6138-23-4 Corn Starch Trehalose Food Grade 20kg/Bag

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cas 6138-23-4


corn starch trehalose food grade


trehalose food grade 20kg/bag

Trehalose is high purity trehalose (98%)—a plant-based, ISO22000,ISO9001,ISO14001, Kosher & Halal-certified, non-GMO* food ingredient with the amazing natural ability to extend many aspects of freshness.



Trehalose is a multi-functional sweetener found naturally, for example in honey, mushrooms, lobster, shrimp and foods produced using baker’s and brewer’s yeast. The commercial product is made from starch by an enzymatic process.

Relative Sweetness: Trehalose is almost half as sweet as sucrose or table sugar.

Metabolism: The metabolism of trehalose is similar to that of other disaccharides. Ingested trehalose is hydrolyzed to glucose and absorbed in the small intestine.


Assets: Trehalose has been shown to elicit a very low insulin response and provide sustained energy. In addition, trehalose protects and preserves cell structure in foods and may aid in the freezing and thawing process of many food products by assisting in the maintenance of the desired texture of the food. It is also heat stable.


Limitations: Because trehalose is only half as sweet as sucrose it is more likely to be used for cell preservation than for sweetness.

Applications: Trehalose may be used in beverages, including fruit juices, purees and fillings, nutrition bars, surimi, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, and white chocolate for cookies or chips.


Safety: Trehalose has a long history of human use. Numerous studies have been conducted to support its safety.

Status: The US FDA has issued a letter of no objection to the Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status for trehalose. Trehalose is approved in Japan, Taiwan and Korea. It may be used in the preservation of freeze-dried products in the United Kingdom.



Fresher Food

Though all food ages, trehalose helps maintain cooked, raw and frozen food’s natural integrity longer with significant benefits to flavor, texture, color and crispness—it even reduces freezer burn!

Cas 6138-23-4 Corn Starch Trehalose Food Grade 20kg/Bag 0

Reduces Freeze/Thaw Damage

Cas 6138-23-4 Corn Starch Trehalose Food Grade 20kg/Bag 1

Inhibits Discoloration of Fruits & Vegetables

Cas 6138-23-4 Corn Starch Trehalose Food Grade 20kg/Bag 2


Inhibits Denaturation of Proteins


Cas 6138-23-4 Corn Starch Trehalose Food Grade 20kg/Bag 3

Water Binding/Retention Properties

Cas 6138-23-4 Corn Starch Trehalose Food Grade 20kg/Bag 4


Inhibits Starch Retrogradation



Service Categories

Find out the secret to preserving freshness, enhancing flavor and improving texture in both sweet and savory dishes across the full range of foodservice categories.


1.Cas 6138-23-4 Corn Starch Trehalose Food Grade 20kg/Bag 5

Grab-and-Go is being driven by time-starved consumers looking for high quality ready-to-eat foods. Versatile trehalose can help extend freshness across the board.


Given the high demand for quick food that isn’t “fast food,” why is it so hard to capitalize on grab-and-go? The fact is: prepared foods fade fast. Color, crispness, moisture, texture, even aroma is quickly compromised, so whether it’s ready-to-eat food found in the hot food section of the grocery store or in the cold case of the C-store, in most cases, food that’s held for any length of time is no longer appealing, resulting in wastage and disappointed customers.

One way to boost grab-and-go sales is to put the entire package together so that you can have more control over the look and feel of take-away food. And when you do, adding TREHALOSE can help immensely.

Popular grab-and-go items that benefit from TREHALOSE natural ability to keep food looking and tasting fresher longer include:

  • ・Sandwiches / Wraps
  • ・Salads
  • ・Rice bowls / Sushi
  • ・Pasta bowls
  • ・Snack Packs / Trays
  • ・Entrees
  • ・Side dishes
  • ・Baked goods (Breads, Danish, Muffins, Cookies, Cupcakes, Doughnuts, etc.)
  • ・Desserts

As the grab-and-go trend spreads across segments, TREHALOSE offers you an easy way to increase moistness, crispness and creaminess over time, reduce food switch-out, improve planning and forecasting around food waste and set your brand apart among busy consumers in need of a quality last-minute lunch or dinner without the hassle.



Cas 6138-23-4 Corn Starch Trehalose Food Grade 20kg/Bag 6

Bakery items are often thrown out if they don’t sell on the day they’re made. Multi-functional TREHALOSE to the rescue!


Like table sugar (sucrose), TREHALOSE is a disaccharide (or “double sugar”). All disaccharides have some ability to retain moisture and can be used to preserve foods, but among disaccharides, TREHALOSE is the very best at retaining moisture. That means TREHALOSE is truly the baker’s best friend.

But not only does TREHALOSE help keep baked goods moist and delicious, this multi-functional, naturally occurring sugar has a wealth of other benefits, including these:

  • ・Using TREHALOSE in the glaze on yeast-raised donuts more than doubles their shelf-life, reducing waste.
  • ・Replacing approximately 80% of sugar in glaze icing reduces “weeping”—even when flavors are added.
  • ・TREHALOSE stabilizes the air bubbles in meringue even when low-sugar or high-fat ingredients like chocolate and butter are used, resulting in lightness and increased volume.
  • ・TREHALOSE maintains the shape of cookie dough and the condition of cake batter during preparation, as well as in finished products.
  • ・Adding 2% TREHALOSE of the weight of détrempe in puff pastry creates thick, consistent layers, maintains crispness and inhibits fat separation.
  • ・By replacing some of the sugar (sucrose) in sweet recipes with TREHALOSE you can increase the volume of cake made with whipped eggs and increase the volume and flakiness of baked snacks.
  • ・For truly remarkable whipped cream, use 6% sugar (sucrose) and 6% TREHALOSE of cream weight to inhibit water release, enhance milky notes and add freezing stability.

You can work with TREHALOSE like you would with table sugar, but, because it is only 45% as sweet as sucrose, it’s suitable for both sweet and savory recipes. No other ingredient maintains the crispness of cookies, the flakiness of pastry dough and the light, soft moistness of cakes while significantly extending freshness overall.



From contract management to catering and cruise ships, chefs need their foods to stay fresh and appealing on buffet and steam tables, and flexible TREHALOSE fits the bill.


Consumers have high expectations around food quality out of home, and that can lead to a lot of waste when held foods dry out quickly and lose their appeal. Fortunately, cooking with TREHALOSE can help you solve many common problems related to steamtable use.

For instance, preparing your foods with TREHALOSE can help:

  • ・maintain the juiciness of meat and sauces, protecting them from drying out
  • ・enable, fried foods that use batter to stay crispier longer and resist becoming soggy
  • ・maintain vibrant color in both raw and boiled veggies
  • ・protect the integrity of freshly made pasta, keeping it from drying out and becoming sticky
  • ・keep eggs from coagulating

TREHALOSE broadens food offerings by lengthening holding times and using TREHALOSE in your recipes helps maintain optimal appearance and texture. For instance, TREHALOSE keeps fresh vegetables vibrant longer and reduces discoloration when boiling brightly colored vegetables. It enables mashed potatoes to retain their softness, so their melt-in-your-mouth texture lasts much longer. Pasta made with TREHALOSE keeps its fresh-made texture—even after an extended time. On breakfast buffets, scrambled eggs made with TREHALOSE stay moist and fluffy longer. Even fried foods, like tempura, stay light and crispy for a much longer time.



Cas 6138-23-4 Corn Starch Trehalose Food Grade 20kg/Bag 7Cas 6138-23-4 Corn Starch Trehalose Food Grade 20kg/Bag 8

Salad bars feature a range of foods that need to stay fresh and appealing for hours in order to sell. Plant-based TREHALOSE can help.



When consumers are looking for healthier food options, freshness is top of mind. So, when salad bars suffer from wilting, discoloration or coagulation, they can can get passed over, resulting in food waste. That’s why using TREHALOSE in your salad bar items can make such a difference to your bottom line.

Sugars are often used to preserve foods, but barely sweet TREHALOSE (just 45% the sweetness of sucrose in a 5% solution) has exceptional water binding/retention properties* that help keep your food fresh and delicious. Because of its affinity for water, TREHALOSE has a remarkable ability to naturally help inhibit discoloration and drying of fruits and vegetables. With TREHALOSE, fruits and vegetables stay colorful, crisp and inviting and salad greens resist wilting and maintain their visual appeal.

  • ・Soaking cut vegetables (e.g., carrots, cucumbers or radishes) for just 30 minutes in a water bath with 3% TREHALOSE enables them to stay fresh for hours on end at room temperature.
  • ・Salad greens soaked in a 3% TREHALOSE water bath for 30 minutes can maintain their just-cut crispness for days, and even dressed salads can be stored overnight in the refrigerator and served the next day.
  • ・Avocados cut and soaked in a 10% TREHALOSE solution, then stored in the refrigerator, keep their fresh color and resist browning for many hours.
  • ・Apples and other fruits soaked for 30 minutes in a water bath with 10% TREHALOSE keep their color for our hours after cutting without any containment.

With simple-to-use TREHALOSE, salad bars finally have a solution for the persistent problem of undesirable changes to food’s color, texture and consistency over time.


5. Grocerants are filling the void between shopping, take-out and dine-in. TREHALOSE offers grocery stores a simple way to extend the freshness and improve the quality of their prepared foods.


Today's time-starved consumers are looking for meal components that they can pick up quickly and customize into breakfast, lunch or dinner for themselves or their whole family. When making their selections, consumers must rely on visual cues for how fresh and desirable a pre-prepared food item is, but it can be difficult for operators to maintain the fresh appeal of foods that are held for some time. And, if the grocery store is also offering a sit-down-dining experience, there is a need to maintain ready-to-serve foods all day, day in and day out.


6. Trehalose has natural ability to improve the texture and moistness of meats makes it ideal for use across a range of service categories.


Because it’s not very sweet, TREHALOSE can be used equally effectively in savory recipes to improve the softness and juiciness of cooked proteins including chicken, shrimp, pork and beef. TREHALOSE has the remarkable ability to stabilize proteins, protect aromas, flavors and colors, and reduce freeze-thaw damage.

For example:

  • ・Adding TREHALOSE equivalent to 2% of chicken weight before frying, it can be held in a hot case for several hours longer and will retain its juiciness.
  • ・Including TREHALOSE when brining chicken or turkey protects poultry’s natural juiciness and preserves flavor and texture.
  • ・Using TREHALOSE when stewing meats helps keep the broth from separating when thawed and preserves the meat’s moisture.
  • ・Meats, such as pork or beef, that are cooked after being marinated with TREHALOSE before freezing resist deterioration in taste and texture.




7. Largely driven by Millennials, delivery is one of the biggest trends in the restaurant business today. Cooking with TREHALOSE helps freshness carry on when food is carried out.


These days, fewer patrons are actually sitting in restaurant seats as more and more American’s choose to have their restaurant-quality meals delivered. This change presents a challenge for foodservice operators: how do you maintain optimal food quality in the space between the time the food is ready to serve and when it arrives on your customers’ doorstep?

TREHALOSE gives you a professional advantage when it comes to extending freshness and maintaining quality, because cooking with this plant-based, non-GMO, Kosher- and Halal-certified ingredient protects food from dehydration, discoloration, coagulation, wilting and other undesirable changes over time.

When it comes to foods that need to withstand some lag-time between preparation and delivery, TREHALOSE can:

  • ・Preserve fresh-made texture to deliver better mouth feel
  • ・Reduce browning and preserve bright color
  • ・Stave off starch retrogradation and maintain the just-cooked integrity of rice and pasta
  • ・Maintain meat’s juiciness through the cooking process, allowing it to hold longer
  • ・Extend crispiness of fried foods that use batter (such as fritters or fried chicken)
  • ・Enhance creaminess in sauces and gravies
  • ・Sustain aroma


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